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Information and Policies


Please be sure to take the time to read our entire policy page. This is a very personal service and we want to make sure all of our clients are comfortable with our policies and procedures as we serve you and your pets for years to come.


If you’ve never used a pet sitter or are new to happytails the following information will help us streamline the “Getting Started” process.
It’s best to plan a couple of weeks in advance in order to obtain pet care services on the date you desire. An in-home interview or “Meet and Greet” is required for all new clients prior to scheduling service. While we can tentatively pencil in your dates we must meet you and your pets and access your needs before we make a commitment to providing your pets care.
During the “Meet and Greet” we will have the opportunity to meet you and interact with your pet(s). We will review forms, sign agreements, do a quick walk through to learn where your pets supplies are; medicine, walk area, test the two door keys, note any special pet care instructions… We will like to allow enough time to be sure all questions are asked and answered so expected this invested time to be a minimum of half an hour.
For new happytails client you may access the forms below to start the processing forms. Having the forms completed and two working copies of your house keys for the “Meet and Greet” will save a great deal of time. Reservations can be confirmed at the end of the interview. We strongly suggest this interview take place a few days prior to your departure so meeting us will still be fresh in your pets memory.


happytails Pet Sitting Service must be furnished two clients house keys prior to service. One key will be maintained at the offices for emergency back up purpose, while the second key is maintained by your pet sitter. Happytails will keep your house keys until after your return unless otherwise instructed. If you are delayed returning home we can continue to feed your pets. If you would like us to leave your keys on my last visit prior to your return home, We must be informed of this in advance.
Happytails PET SITTING SERVICE maintains strict control of your house keys and security alarm code information. All happytails care providers have locking keyboxes mounted in an obscure location in their home. No personal information is annotated on your key tag other than your pet's name and an administrative key box number.
We request that clients provide two (2) copies of the house key during the Registration Interview. Your primary pet sitter maintains control of one of the keys. The other resides in the key box of your happytails Area Coordinator who retains a back-up copy for emergency situations. In the event you have a need for service and your primary pet care provider is out of town, the second key allows us to meet your needs without an additional delay in obtaining a key. We can also assist if you lock yourself out of the house!
First time clients are not charged for key pick-up and/or return if the key is provided to the pet sitter at the Registration Interview. After your first use of our services, our key pick-up and return fee is in effect. There is a minimum charge of $10 to pick-up and/or deliver keys.
Please do not ask us to return keys by locking them inside the home on the final visit or leaving it hidden outside the home. If you request to have your key returned, it will be returned to you personally. We can, at your request, leave your key with a trusted neighbor.


We offer one free, 30 minute consultation in your home. At this time we meet you and your pets and have you walk us through your daily pet and home care routine. Before the consultation, we send our service forms, via email attachment, to set up your client account. We obtain detailed information about various subjects to enable us to care for your pets and home while you are away. We need the service forms to be completed either before or at the time of our consultation. The service forms include:
  • Specific pet & home care instructions
  • Veterinarian contact information & medical emergency arrangements
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Your travel contact information, including destinations & land lines for each trip
  • Service Agreement
  • 2 working keys are needed at time of consultation

Scheduling a consultation: Due to our heavy pet sitting schedule on the weekends, we need to make our consultation appointments during the weekdays or early evenings. 

Last minute consultations for new clients: Even in an emergency, or last minute service request, we need to schedule an in-home consultation to meet you, your pets, and to go over all required service forms that must be filled out in completion.

Payment for services: We accept cash, checks and charge card payments. We use paypal charge card systems that are processed through email invoicing only. This way, we do not ever keep charge card numbers at our private premises to assure the safety of our clients sensitive financial information. At this time there is a 3% fee for all charge card transactions.

Service Payment Due: Payment for new clients is obtained during our first consultation. We submit a receipt for all first time clients. 

For established clients, full payment for services is always due the first day that pet sitting services begin. The client is asked to leave payment on the counter with a New Travel Information form.
For overnight service, 50% deposits we required at time of booking. and the balance is due at time service begins.
Charge card payments are paid just before the client leaves via email invoicing.

Refunds: Established clients who have departed and submitted payment for services are issued credits only, in the event they are returning early. A 24 hours notice must be given, or 1 full day of services are retained, and the balance will be issued by credit only.

For new clients who have submitted payment in the consultation, but are canceling before services actually begin, a $35 cancellation fee will be retained, and the balance will be issued by check up to 10 business days after the client has requested the cancellation via email or a written letter.

Shared pet sits: Due to our insurance policy, and other factors, we can not accept any shared pet sitting services with friends, family, or neighbors.

Every other day, or so, pet sitting: We can no longer accept every other day pet sitting. All pet sitting services must be scheduled at least 1 x per day, in consecutive days in a row, from your departure to arrival dates. However, we do accept pet sitting services that start the day after you depart, and end the day before you arrive back home. (Usually for cat sitting only)


Our company does provide professional pet sitters to our clients, in addition to the owners pet sitting also. We fully understand all the concerns of pet and home owners in needing someone 100% trustworthy, competent, and that has a sincere heart for the welfare and care of all animals. Knowing that most pet owners who contact us, consider their pets "family members," we take this responsibility very seriously.
Our pet sitters must pass a thorough background check performed by a professional service, provide multiple professional references- not friends or family members. They must also submit copies of their drivers license and ss # for ID verification, sign a KPSS contract that states their agreement and knowledge of all of our policies & procedures. We make sure our clients only receive the best care from the best people in the animal care field. Feel free to ask about our service protocol for all pet sitters as they provide professional services to our valued clients. We believe you will be confident in our pet care service providers.


Regular morning & evening visits: Call us anytime, but it is recommended that you book services at least 2 weeks prior. We are flexible and last minute pet sits are available to our established clients.

Overnight Services: Call us anytime, but it is recommended that you book these services up to 60 days prior, to assure availability. For our established clients, 50% deposits are required for Holiday overnights services.

Same day/Urgent/or Emergency Pet & Home Care requests with under a 24 hour notice given: Please add $5, plus your regular service fee for any service requests to visit your pets or perform any home care duties, for any reason. This fee applies, even if it is not necessary for us to be at your home for the full length of a regular pet sitting visit. Add $10 for overnight services. Availability is not guaranteed, but we will try very hard to accommodate you.

Early Returns and Refunds while services are in progress: If less then 24 hours notice is given, we retain 1 full day of service fees. The balance will be issued by credit only. If over 24 hours notice is given, the entire unused pet sitting services is issued by credit, unless circumstances permit otherwise, except for holiday overnight services.


Please add the following fees to the specific days listed below.

$5 per visit for 30, 45, and 60 minute visits

$10 per day for Overnight

Easter Day
July 4th Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
New Year's Evening (extra fee for visits after 6pm, & overnights only)
New Year's Day 


Holiday regular day visits: Requires no deposit for established clients. New clients always submit payment for upcoming services in our initial consultation. Checks are not deposited until the first day of your pet sitting services.

Holiday overnight Service: Established clients are required to submit a 50% deposit sent by check or pay pal credit card payment systems in order to book Holiday services. Please remember, we can not reserve your Holiday reservations, until the 50% deposit is made. The balance will be due on the first day of your pet sit. If you are paying with a charge card, you will be required submit payment before you leave. Charge cards payments require a 3% fee. New clients submit full payment for services in the consultation.


Holiday regular day visits: There are no cancellation fees for regular day visits during the holidays or any other time of the year with 24 hour notice for our established clients. New clients will be charged a $35 cancellation fee, after the initial consultation.

Holiday Overnight Service Cancellations:

A credit is issued if over 24 hour notice is given. One day of fees are obtained if under 24 hour notice is given, and the balance is issued by credit.


Summer Months- Home Temperature: Our clients must have the temperature in their home set no higher then 82 degrees. We prefer at least 78 degrees for the welfare of your pets. We will not leave fans on in place of A/C units during the hot season. If you have an A/C problem, please ask us about our cool cat boarding services.
During the spring and fall we can encounter the temperatures in homes to change to an uncomfortable level on certain days, as outdoor temperatures surge. We will turn on the client's A/C to bring the environment to a safe level to ensure the pets safety and comfort.
Outdoor Domesticated Cats: We do not accept client requests to let their indoor house cats outdoors- ever! We have learned that Leukemia, rabies, FFVL, predator wild life, cars, and animal abusing humans, can be a grave threat to the outdoor feline community.
We also can not service clients who let their cats outside, but want to keep them indoors during our pet sitting services. We have found that there are extreme attempts made by these cats to go outside when we are arriving and departing while performing pet sitting services. This puts our pet sitters in a stressful situation, and also puts the pet at risk.
Feral Community & Stray Cats: If you are feeding outdoor feral cats or a stray cat that can not reside indoors for reasons beyond your control, we will gladly follow your feeding and watering routine.
Aggressive Animals: We do have special animal handlers that can work with aggressive animals, therefore, we can not offer our services for them. If your pet has bitten anyone in the past, or shows aggressive behavior, please kindly make other arrangements.
Windows & Doors: We do not accept pet sits where the client requests any windows or doors to remain open. Please do not ask us if we will make exceptions in the consultation or at a later date when pet sitting services are in progress. Any open windows and doors will be closed and locked during our pet sitting services. We must protect your animals, home, and our pet sitters while you are away. No exceptions unless you have bars on your windows and the pets can not escape out of them.


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