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Dog Walking Services:

We customize each walk or outdoor activities to your canine needs. Whether your caninie prefers a easy stroll down the path, backyard play or for the more energetic canine who needs to burn off their energy and get a good workout we can structure a more adventurous outing to include additional play activities.

Standard Dog Walking $30.00
A 60-75 minute robust energizing walk or a lazy easy pace sniffing stroll down the path. We walk your dog to your dogs desired tempo. After the walk we allow a cool down period were we refresh their water bowl, a thorough brush, a few rubs and even a treat.
(Additional 45 minute outing can be added to the Standard Dog Walking for $12.00)

Short-Stretch Walk $20.00
If your pooch just needs a short 15 to 20 minute walk, a stretch of the legs or and an afternoon potty break.

Outward Hound Adventures "tails and trails" 3-Hour Outing $48.00
(Additional dog from same family household $4.00 discount per price price)

We love to hike on trails and OPEN SPACE! If you have a dog that is social and compatible with other canine friends this could be a match made in heaven. We pick-up your canine athlete and take them on a 3 hour energizing outward hound adventurous hike. Your dog will explore open fields, streams and wooded areas while actively socializing "off leash" and receiving excellent exercise.

Our adventure time schedule includes morning hikes and afternoon pool parties. Each group, on average from three to five dogs, is compatible in temperament, well socialized and non aggressive, neutered or spayed, and fully vaccinated; each group is supervised by an experienced dog trainer / handler and is picked up, transported, and returned to your home in safe, late model, air-conditioned vehicles. All clients receive regular emails that include weekly outing locations and photos of their dogs on the actual adventure outings.

Before attending, dogs must participate in at least one playgroup to assess social skills and demonstrate the ability to immediately respond to human commands. A daily outward adventure hike will give your dog exactly what it needs: wholesome exercise, active exploration, and membership in a very special pack. A tired dog is a happy dog and is less likely to look for mischievous fun elsewhere! Plus, your dog gets the exercise he/she needs and loves and you will enjoy returning home from your busy day to a more relaxed, well balanced dog!

*Participation in Outward Hounds Adventure Hikes is recommended at least once a week; this does not need to be same day or time schedule. Regular participation promotes familiarity and stability among the dog groups.


In-Home Pet Care Services:

Pets are happiest and safest in the comfort of their own homes where their regular routines are not interrupted while you are away on vacation or business. Pets may already feel the stress of your absence while you are gone. Additional stress may be brought onto your pet by crating them up most of the day at a boarding facility in an unfamiliar and most time chaotic surrounding. Our in-home service eliminates the stress that some pets feel when taken out of their homes for boarding and saves that timely trip to a kennel that may close before you return home. Because we are true animal lovers, your pets will look forward to our visits as much as we do! They will be there waiting for you with "happy tails" wagging when you return home!

In-Home Canine Pet Care Service $52.00
Two 45 minute visits for up to 2 pets per day. Includes a full walk, interactive play, brushing, or any special requests from pet or guardian. Regular daily care includes feeding, fresh water and administering medication, if needed. Also includes Home Care Service: mail/newspaper pick-up, plant watering, light/blind rotation, garbage/recycle trash and a general daily check of the premises. Additional same day visit add... $15.00

In-Home Feline Pet Care Service $20.00
One 30 minute visit daily for up to 2 pets (for cats or other more self-sufficient animals). Includes regular daily pet care and Home Care Service. Additional same day visit add... $10.00

In-Home Overnight Stay $75.00
If your pet needs special companionship and attention while you're away, we offer an overnight stay at your home to keep routines intact. Some older pets or pets with medical situations benefit from this overnight care service. Additionally, someone is in your home overnight for added security, safety and peace of mind. Overnight stay's include same services as our Standard In-Home Pet  Care Services; morning walk, evening walk, interactive play, feedings, home care and daily online journal. Add a Mid-Day Walk $15.00

For more information on why pet owners are switching to in-home pet sitting, Click Here

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