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About Us

Founded in 1998, happytails Dog Walking & Pet Care Service proudly provides quality pet and home care for over 200 clients and their pets. A complete list of the towns we service can be found in the Service Area section.
At happytails it is our philosophy that each and every pet under our care is unique and special. That's why we deal with just one pet at a time in order to give all of our attention, time, and TLC to just your pet. Quite simply, that's also why we stand out as "the" leading dog walking and pet sitting in our areas! Our unparalleled customer service is something you just won't typically find in the pet care industry.
Your pet's safety and well-being is paramount to us at happytails. We DO NOT take dogs out in groups complete with tangled leashes and confusion, in what could also lead to a potentially unsafe situation for your pet. We DO, however, give 100% undivided and loving attention to just your pet!
In the professional custody of each and every happytails dog walker and pet sitter, your pooch or kitty will be loved, attended to, cared for, and will greet you at the end of the day extremely happy and relaxed. Not to mention we are fully insured and bonded for your pet's protection and for your peace of mind. What's not to love? Your pet will receive its very own, personal dog walker and/or pet sitter--your pet will be glad to see you leave. You can rest assured and rest easy when you leave your pet and home in the expert hands of happytails Dog Walking & Pet Care Service!
If you or someone you know needs quality pet care, don’t hesitate – Call us at (978) 727-3368 or Email Us and get started today!
Thank you and have a happy day!

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