OPENNINGS for K9 Hikes - tails n trails off-leash adventures

"happy lovin' care when you
can't be there"




Mike is amazing. He truly loves the dogs he cares for and we cannot recommend him more highly. He's been taking care of Enzo, our fussy but irresistable Italian Greyhound, for about 10 years now. Mike takes him everyday to romp with the other dogs. Mike also takes care of him when we go away and we never worry at all because we know he takes good care of him,

Tracy and Dan 



"We are so grateful to Mike for taking our dog Hatch out. Hatch is an Australian Cattle Dog with a ton of energy, so he absolutley loves getting out in the woods on the tails-n-trails adventures with Mike and the other dogs. In the evenings he is restful and happy. And, we, of course, love seeing the photos of his outings posted throughout the day.

Hannah L.


Bragi & Gisli

Mike has been truly extraordinary. I think his brand - "happytails" - says it all - how could one go wrong? He takes care of my two dogs, Bragi and Gisli, one of which he found at a dog pound. He looks after the dogs as if these were his own! Importantly I can count on Mike to provide coverage for planned and even at short notice for unplanned events that may keep me away. He is fun to work with, caring, and trustworthy. It has been a pleasure working with him. Not sure if the boys like him more than me!!!

Dr. David B.



"I have been a very satisfied happytails customer for over 5 years. The service is always reliable, friendly, and I know our Babson enjoys seeing Rebecca when we travel.  Rebecca is reliable and courteous and genuinely seem to enjoy her work. I would definitely recommend happytails to others."

Dylan O  



With little kids at home it can be hard to get Henry the exercise he really needs to counteract the highchair effect. Mike has been helping take care of Henry for 5 years; taking him on outings and helping with the occassional overnight care as well. He is reliable, trustworthy, communicates well and most importantly takes amazing care of my four-legged child. Henry's reaction when Mike picks him up tells all - he can hardly control his excitment and leaps into the van. He comes home tired and happy and that's one less thing for this mom to worry about.

Amy L.



When I'm at work all day, Mayzie is living her best life with Mike - hanging out with other pups, trail running, swimming, playing catch. I know because I see the daily pictures and I'm jealous. Mike has been watching Mayzie since she was a pup, so they have a special bond. In addition to daily outings, I use the In-Home Pet Care Service when I travel, and I don't know whay I would do without that option. It gives me great peace of mind to know that Mayzie is with Mike, getting the love and attention she needs.

Susan H


Basil & Sage

We LOVE Mike. I did use another pet care service years ago but have found Mike to be a better fit. He cares very much about the animals and isn't doing this part time or occassionaly. This is his own business and full time occupation. He works hard and we find him very reliable. Sometimes I think my dogs prefer him to me. They proably do in fact. I don't know what we would do without him. Basil and Sage would be distraught to say the least. He is the best part of their day (with the possible exception of dinner time!)

Lisanne W